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Q. What will you do during visits with my pets?
Visits will usually consist of providing fresh water, feeding, playtime, outdoor time, and plenty of attention for your pet. Your pet sitter may also turn lights off/on, open or close drapery, collect the mail, take the trash out, etc.

Q.Is North Texas Pet Services ever available for times other than when I go on vacation?
Absolutely, North Texas Pet Services provide services such as walking your dog or checking on an old or ill pet while you’re at work, taking your pets to grooming and veterinary appointments.

Q. Will a pet sitter take my pets to their home or come visit them in mine?
North Texas Pet Services offers to care for your pets in your home. This way your pets are able to stay where they are comfortable; in their usual surroundings.

Q.When I go out of town how many times per day should a pet sitter visit my pets?
For dogs, North Texas Pet Services will recommend at least two visits per day. For indoor dogs, three times a day would be best. For healthy cats, one visit per day is usually sufficient.

Q. How long will the pet sitter visit with my pets?
North Texas Pet Services, enjoys our pets so much we look forward taking care of each one, but 20 minutes to an hour is our typical time there, depending on medications or energy levels of the pets.

Q. Do pet sitters require that my pets have their vaccinations?
North Texas Pet Services requires that your pets be vaccinated.

Q. If my pet becomes ill while I’m away, how will that be handled?
Your pet sitter should get information from you in advance…

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